Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How I Stopped the Hair Combing Fits!

I have a 5 year old girl.  This means I have a 5 year old eardrum-shattering banshee when it comes to hair combing time.  I have tried detangler, combing it wet, combing it dry, leave in conditioner, sleeping in braids.  It doesn't seem to matter what I try.  It's wailing, "I hate you", screaming, sobbing torture.

And then came a stroke of genius.  A friend had her daughter's hair done really cute for dance class one day and mentioned that she had these cards with different hair-do's on them and let her daughter pick one that morning  I think they were American Girl cards?  Anyway.  I thought maybe if I let G pick her own hair style, she would agree not to throw a tantrum.  It's worth a try, right?

Rather than buy cards, I decided to make my own hair-do catalog.  So I sat down on the computer and used Pinterest to find some cute dos.  I think I pulled off 18 - anything from a really simple ponytail, to this complicated-looking braided flower thing.  I made 3x5 rectangles in a word processing program.  I put a picture of each hair-do in one.  For the complicated ones, I put instructions in another box.  Then I printed them off.

Now to make a book she can look through.  I gathered up the supplies:

  • The pages I printed
  • Index cards
  • Colored Markers
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Contact paper (someday I will get a laminator...sigh)
  • Paper punch
  • Small piece of ribbon

Then I started making the book:
  1. I cut out all of the photos and instructions.
  2. I wrote the title and colored a pretty cover on one of the index cards
  3. I used the glue stick to put a photo on the front and the corresponding instructions on the back of each index card.  The exception was a few really easy dos.  For these, I don't need instructions.  So I put a picture on each side of the card.
  4. I laminated the cards with contact paper (Mine is really old and has been crumpled up in the craft cabinet, so the pages aren't as smooth as I would like.  Again, wishing for a laminator...)
  5. I punched a hole in the upper left corner of each card and tied them together with a pretty pink ribbon.
This was a really easy project, but so far has had great effects!  We've been using it for 3 days now, and I haven't had a single tantrum.  AND her hair has looked super cute.  Her kindergarten teacher told her yesterday how pretty her hair looked. :)

Here's the finished project:

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