Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well...I kind of fell off the blogging band wagon last year, didn't I?  SORRY!!

I'm back, though, with some New Year's Resolutions that will hopefully have me blogging more often!  Did you make some resolutions?  Here are mine:

1.  Eat healthier - in reality, it should be lose weight.  But, I don't feel like that is something I can control as easily, so I'll stick to what I can control and that is what I put in my mouth.  I have some specific goals as part of this, too:
  • Eat less pre-packaged and processed foods
  • Drink less soda
  • Eat out less
To do this, I'm trying a new way of grocery shopping and meal planning.  I'm planning suppers for 4 weeks at a time.  Each week, I'll add a new week at the end.  This allows me to shop sales 4 weeks out.  If something is on sale, I'll buy it.  Otherwise, I'll buy it as I need it.  Hopefully, this will keep me from getting too bored with our meals, and help me keep interested in cooking.  I'm still doing my co-op, which gives me lots of freezer meals each month.  I do my grocery shopping on Tuesdays, so be on the lookout next Monday for my grocery plan.

2.  Exercise - I can't say "more" because I haven't really been doing any.  I was in a bad car accident on October 1, and am just now being released by my chiropractor.  So, I'll have to start slow.  I'm thinking I'll start with some yoga and using my FitBit to get my step count up.  

3.  Get Organized! - I used to be super organized.  But the car accident totally messed me up.  So, I need to get back on track.  I've found this great 52 week organizing challenge that I've used in the past at Home Storage Solutions 101.  I'll be following this and posting my results.  It should be a fun, easy way to get all organized again.

I'm sure I could add more: spend more time with the kids, read more books, etc.  But, I don't want to get overwhelmed.  I do have other fun things to do this year, though.  I'm starting a pyrography (wood burning) hobby, so I'll share some of my projects.  I have some fun ideas for teacher appreciation week.  And I'll (hopefully) be planning another Disney World trip later this year, so I'll have lots of crafts and shirts to make for that! 

I don't know if anyone actually reads this, but hopefully putting my organizing and meal plans up here will at least keep me accountable and maybe someone will come along for the journey!

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