Wednesday, November 30, 2011

May the Force Be With You...

Tomorrow is my son's 7th birthday.  Wow!  That went fast!  And with each birthday comes the annual tradition of snacks for the classroom.  This year, he begged me to make cupcakes.  Alright.  Not too hard.  For cake, I forgo my no refined flour/sugar policy.  The boxed mixes are just so much easier than making 30 cupcakes from scratch!

But wait...those cupcakes have to be decorated.  And what are the 1st grade boys at our school really in to right now?  Yup.  Star Wars.  Is that just here?  Or is Star Wars huge with 7 year old boys everywhere?  Anyway, Star Wars cupcakes it is.

Now, if you haven't read my first post, let me explain that I love to craft and cook and bake, but I don't always have great ideas.  The internet, however, is full of them!  So, I googled star wars cupcakes and found a couple that I was able to use for my inspiration.

I decided to do two different flavors - white with white frosting for the Yoda cupcakes, and chocolate with chocolate frosting for Vader (the dark side...).  Then I had to make the faces.  I used fondant, which I bought at the store, and tinted green and black.

I used a small circle biscuit cutter to make the heads for Yoda.

Then I used a knife and cut some triangles to make the ears.

I attached the ears to the heads, and had pretty good looking Yodas.

Then I used a toothpick to make the indentations for the face, and white and chocolate frosting for the eyes.  I got the "pattern" for the face here.

I plopped those down on the white cupcakes and they were done!

For Darth Vader, I used a bell shaped cookie cutter - hey, it's almost Christmas.  That box of cookie cutters had to come out anyway.

Then I used white frosting and the smalled decorator tip I have to make the face, using the idea I found here.

Vader went on top of the chocolate cupcakes.  Done!!

Hopefully all the kids in the class will appreciate the love and effort that went into making these cupcakes.  Ha.  Who am I kidding.  At least my son will be happy!


  1. Too cute. You should post a blog about the farm animal cake. That was adorable.