Monday, March 18, 2013

March - Week 4 Menu and Groceries

Spring Break is here!  I wish I could say Spring was, but the big fluffy snowflakes falling outside my window tell me that Winter is not ready to give up.  It's too bad, really.  I've been looking at grilling recipes lately and wanting to get out and grill.  I'm just not one of those hearty people who can grill in the sub-zero temps!!  So, we are sticking with indoor recipes.

Do you have trouble remembering what you planned to make each day?  I have my monthly calendars, but I keep those with my planning stuff, not necessarily in the kitchen.  Plus, they don't have any of the lunch and breakfast meals on them.  So, this week, I'm including a printable weekly menu that includes all of the meals I planned for the week.  This will make it SO easy for you!  Print out the menu, print out the grocery list, and GO!

Recipes for this week you will need:
Here is the grocery list.  It's a long one, but don't let that intimidate you!  Lots of the stuff on here is probably already in your pantry.  There are several Asian sauces (soy, oyster, hoisin).  Once you check off your "on-hand" items, the list should be mostly produce, meats, and dairy.  That's how I like to shop!

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